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Tin Ear ® Biography

TIN EAR is a musical ensemble that consists of composers/musicians Allan Loucks and David Loucks, and percussionist Robert Geddes.

Starting in the 1980's they did the usual band thing, playing full-time in clubs, colleges, taverns, schools, and halls across the United States and Canada (i.e., RACER, ELLIS & LYNCH, etc.). By 1993 the time was right for TIN EAR to begin work on their first major album project. As 1995 began, the project was almost complete. Nine tracks were mixed and ready to go. 5 more tracks needed just a little more work before mixing could begin. During a robbery on March 7, 1995, David was murdered in his Seattle studio, Alternative Productions, and the project came to a tragic standstill. By the summer, Allan was encouraged to finish the project.

A year after David's death, TIN EAR's first CD, the self-titled alternative/prog-rock TIN EAR, was released from Seattle. In March 1997, they released their second CD, NAME THAT MOOD, containing explorations into tone-poems, electronic, and film music. With Spencer Hoveskeland as bassist and Gary Chester as live sound technician, TIN EAR continued live performances. In the spring of 2000, TIN EAR released their third CD, the orchestral epic SYMPHONY IN 3 MOVEMENTS.

TIN EAR is currently involved in composing and performing music for film, concerts, and the theatre.

TIN EAR is a registered trademark.

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