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Allan Loucks, principle at ADGL, has designed and created intelligent real-time control and monitoring software for distributed intelligent systems and general-purpose multimedia networks for the pro-audio industry. This includes audio playback engines, audio-capture, DSP, triggering & syncing events with audio, timecode, MIDI, adaptive & dynamic audio playback, and more.

These products monitored and managed recording studios, stadiums and major music tours. Used by Herbie Hancock, U2, INXS, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Grateful Dead, Motley Crue, Brooks and Dunn, Jimmy Buffet, Simple Minds, Elton John, Apple Computer, and many more.

Networked Intelligent Multimedia Control Software Systems developed for:

  • Dynacord/Electro-Voice P3000, Altec-Lansing 7120, Bose Model 1800, Lab Gruppen power amplifiers.
  • Yamaha ACU; Apogee DA800 multiple amplifier controllers
  • EAW MX8000 Close Coupled Network Processor, Yamaha ProMix01 Mixer
  • Integrated Audio Solutions SPA500, NSI PDU915LV Power Distribution Unit