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Immersive Interactive Multimedia Experiences can incorporate physical objects, mechanics, electronics, graphics, projections, sensors, robotics, audio, light, and video - all driven by a computer or by a network of computers, to create engaging interactive experiences.

  • Audio playback engines, audio-capture, multi-channel audio, and DSP.
  • Triggering & syncing events with audio.
  • Adaptive & dynamic audio playback.
  • Timecode, remote-control, and MIDI.
  • The usage of hardware resources, memory, I/O interfaces, sensors, and converters.
  • Amplifiers, mixers, microphones, and speakers.
  • Lighting control, video-capture and processing, visual projection, image capture and processing.
  • Artificial Intelligence, enabling a system to learn, adapt, and continue to function under changing conditions.
  • Adaptive control, the collection and analysis of data, robotics, show-control, and power-systems.
  • Interfacing to custom circuits & devices.
  • And much more...

Some Examples