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ADGL PRODUCTIONS creates a variety of software systems that support the goals of the companies that we work with by developing creative solutions, functionality, content, and media.

ADGL PRODUCTIONS excels in the innovation of new ideas and products. Always ahead of the cutting edge, their approach constantly challenges the "best practices", and the popular "design methodologies". This enables them to consistently come up with creative & robust solutions for unique & challenging problems, as well as for things that "can't be done".

ADGL PRODUCTIONS has extensive experience and expertise in developing the following types of software systems:

  • Artificial Intelligence: With expertise in designing & developing neural networks, ADGL creates systems that can learn, adapt, and continue to function under changing conditions. Some uses include "creative assistants", UI adaptability, robotics, remote sensing, vision, information analysis, adaptive control & monitoring systems, prediction of events, and dynamic responses to environmental changes.

  • Real-Time Control and Monitoring Applications: such as IoT, adaptive control, pro-audio (amplifiers, mixers, speakers, MIDI, audio-capture and processing), visual applications (lighting control, video-capture and processing, visual projection, image capture and processing), adaptive control, the collection and analysis of data, robotics, show-control, power-systems, DSP, custom circuits & devices, and much more.

  • Systems Programming: involving the usage of hardware resources, memory, I/O interfaces, converters, remote-control, audio, video, custom circuits & devices, and more.

  • Audio: Audio playback engines, audio-capture, DSP, triggering & syncing events with audio, timecode, MIDI, adaptive & dynamic audio playback, and more.

  • Immersive Interactive Multimedia Experiences: which can incorporate physical objects, mechanics, graphics, projections, robotics, audio, light, and video - all driven by a computer or by a network of computers, to create engaging interactive experiences.


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