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Purpose and Mission:

We publish a wide variety of music in various genres and styles: christian songs and hymns of journey, worship and praise; liturgical acclamations, hymns and psalm settings; children's music and music for youth retreats.

Since 1971 Raven Music has published the songs of Ron Ellis and the entire catalog of Ellis and Lynch. In collaboration with other major publishers we have authored numerous collections of children's music in the religious education field.

We seek to foster growth of the human spirit through music and song that offers gratitude and praise to the One who is our beginning and our end, the Creator of all.

New Release - The Sacred Path
- a musical pilgrimage by Ron Ellis with a little help from his friends ......released February 1999

This new collection of songs for youth retreats, prayer and worship was a long time coming. Original tracks began in 1994 with David Loucks at Alternative Productions in Seattle, WA. With David's untimely death in 1995 and the long court process to bring his killers to justice, David's brother Allan Loucks continued the recording process with Ron Ellis bringing these twelve songs to completion after 5 years in the making.

The Sacred Path is a witness to the fact that we travel life's road as pilgrims. Together we walk as companions on the journey. It is this heart felt and lived conviction that forms the foundation of this work. A testament to the human spirit and in memory of our beloved brother and friend - David Loucks.

Life is indeed a journey we all share...

Previous Collections released by Raven Music, or in collaboration with other Publishers across the U.S.:
    Misc. Collections:

  • The Sacred Path, 1999
  • Children of God 3-4-5 (Tabor 1994)
  • My Savior Lord - Fr. Timothy Michell, 1987
  • Sweet Sweet Sound, The Best Of Ellis & Lynch (NALR 1985)
  • Growing With God Grades 1-3 (Sadlier 1983)
  • Wonder Of God: Discover, Delight, Celebrate (Sadlier 1982)

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