David Loucks

13 February 1990

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter recommends David Loucks who completed the Film-Scoring curriculum at U.C.L.A. with distinction several years ago, proving to be one of the most promising young composers it's been my privelege to teach. Gifted musically, he has a particular knack for illuminating a dramatic scene with underscore. His training and professional experience provide an ideal background: excellent academic preparation followed by extensive practical experience in the popular field. He is qualified to provide anything from a synthesizer score for a low-budget industrial film to a full-orchestra score for a best-foot-forward, high-profile film.

Of equal value, however is David himself; professional in temperament, responsible and adaptable, he sets high standards for himself. You will find him stable and mature, friendly and cooperative, a person to enjoy for his personality as much as his gifts.

My twenty-five years as Music Supervisor for CBS-Hollywood have provided the experience necessary to evaluate young composers. I am happy to recommend David without reservation. With regards, I remain

Yours truly,

Don B. Ray

Director, Film Scoring Program, UCLAX
Music Supervisor, CBS-TV (ret.)

ADGL Productions, Inc. (BMI)